Ella Moss has produced a travel disability guide for those wishing to take a cruise! It's available here: http://www.iglucruise.com/guide-for-disabled-cruisers

The Poverty toolkit has been launched. It enables councils and experts to identify those in the different types of poverty in a local council area and learn how best to tackle the issue.

Please visit this link to find out more.

You and the people you support might be interested in the www.money.co.uk website: Written in clear, accessible, language it tackles many financial issues disabled people face at college, at work and at home.

For advice specifically aimed at disabled people and their families this page is a good place to start.

The campaigning group, supported by Brent Mencap, Disability, Rights and Politics, have made a DVD and a booklet. Their DVD shows what they have done over the past 3 years of campaigning.

Their booklet is their guide to people with learning disabilities on how to campaign.

Both the DVD and the booklet are designed to inspire other people with learning disabilities to find their voice, to be heard, and to form their own campaigning group. You can watch the DVD on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngbuC2wpjKg

They also have a limited number of DVDs and Booklets to order for FREE. Please contact by e-mail claudia@brentmencap.org.uk or at the address and telephone number here: Brent Mencap, 379-381 High Road, London, NW10 2JR, Tel: 020 8451 5278

There's a new, free, "career tools" website for jobseekers, called www.cvrite.co.uk

It includes:
A step-by-step online CV and Resumè Builder
A downloadable CV template & advice package
Articles and tips on CV writing and job seeking

The site seems to be well laid-out and well-written and might suit jobseekers you are supporting. The creators of the site welcome your feedback (good or bad!)

Posted by Richard Lamplough, The SEEN, March 2013

If you support people with learning disabilities into work you might find this link useful that shows you an easy read "Rights At Work" sheet.

You might also find this link useful for two workplace scenarios which have to be matched to rights and responsibilities.

Posted by Richard Lamplough, The SEEN, July 2012

Turn2us helps people in financial need access the money available to them – through welfare benefits, grants and other financial help. Their free and confidential website – found by clicking here – is a comprehensive and invaluable resource, designed to help people find appropriate sources of financial support, quickly and easily, based on their particular needs and circumstances.

The Turn2us website has a Benefits Calculator that allows individuals to work out their possible entitlement to and calculate the possible amounts that they may be able to claim from means-tested benefits. It also indicates possible eligibility to non-means-tested benefits.

Clear and concise information on welfare benefits, who can claim, how much you can receive and how to apply are also contained in the Information and Resources section of the website.

Turn2us also offer free workshops to support you to use the Benefits Calculator. For people in the South East they are held at their head office: Hythe House, 200 Shepherds Bush Road, London W6 7NL.

If you would like more information on the workshops or to book spaces, please email training@turn2us.org.uk

The website also has a Grants Search database containing details of over 3,000 publicly-registered charitable funds (national, regional and local) that give £500 or more per year to individuals in financial need, for welfare or education/training purposes.

Turn2us is part of national charity, Elizabeth Finn Care.

Posted by Richard Lamplough, The SEEN, July 2012

"If only my employer and I had known..."

Supporting disabled people getting into work, staying on and getting on. A report based on two group discussions

Skills for Care is currently undertaking a project to establish how it can support social care employers to fully utilise the skills of disabled people within their workforce.

Disability Rights UK ran a number of focus groups on behalf of Skills for Care. Although the survey was generic across industries, a significant number of respondents described themselves as having experience of recruitment into social care.

We found the information very interesting reading: please visit this link to read the report.

The authors are currently doing some follow up and producing case studies of 4 stories that link to this work from an individual's perspective. They have also produced this flyer that describes the next steps. They need good practice case studies focussed on the employment within the social care sector so would be grateful to hear from you if you can help. Contact details are in the flyer.

Posted by Richard Lamplough, The SEEN, June 2012

Action for Inclusion in association with LSIS (Learning and Skills Improvement Service) have published a very comprehensive document:

RESOURCE PACK: Raising Aspirations:
Creating opportunities to enable more young people with LDD to access Apprenticeships / effective communication with people with disabilities

It's free to download by clicking here.

Posted by BILD

BILD publishes a range of very practical books that help staff and family carers understand the needs of the person they support. They use real life stories and activities and are full of practical examples of how to apply the ideas when providing day to day support.

Person centred approaches when supporting people with a learning disability by Liz Tilly

This book provides an excellent introduction for both new and experienced workers to person centred approaches when supporting people with a learning disability. It covers person centred values, consent to support, encouraging active participation as well as promoting wellbeing and the role of risk assessments in enabling person centred support. Price: £15.00. For more details click here.

Duty of care for learning disability workers by Justine Barksby and Lucy Harper

This book is important for workers supporting people with a learning disability as it explores the important concepts of duty of care and how to resolve potential dilemmas that might arise between the person’s rights and the worker's duty of care. It also looks at how to support people with a learning disability and their families to complain and how to respond to complaints. Price: £12.00. For more details click here.

Principles of safeguarding and protection for learning disability workers by Simon Bickerton

This book introduces the important topic of safeguarding people with a learning disability from abuse. It identifies different types of abuse and the possible signs and symptoms that might indicate that abuse has occurred. It explores why people with a learning disability might be more vulnerable to abuse and what the reader must do if abuse is suspected or alleged. Price: £13.00. For more details click here.

Equality and inclusion for learning disability workers by Rorie Fulton and Kate Richardson

This book introduces the concepts of equality, diversity and inclusion which are fundamental/essential for all learning disability workers. It gives practical examples of how to work in an inclusive way with people with a learning disability. Price: £13.00. For more details click here.

Posted by Declan Kelly, Aspirico

iplanit is a secure internet based service for providers (and funders) who are focused on improving quality, demonstrating value and reinforcing person centered practices. Uniquely in the market today, iplanit is the first and only comprehensive solution in the social care market which is accessible easily to everyone involved. For providers, iplanit meets the following needs:

1. Supporting person centered service delivery: Providing people and their supporters with accessible, multimedia enabled, person centered plans and progress tracking over secure internet links.

2. Progressing Outcomes : Enabling real changes in people's lives by ensuring that commitments made to individuals are turned into reality through notifications, escalations and activity /progress tracking while reducing the time and costs involved in team/circle communication and collaboration.

3. Lowering costs and demonstrating value through KPI reporting: Through "live" access to KPI progress reports for stakeholders, providers can demonstrate value to families, inspectors, funders and other statutory bodies while decreasing the time and cost of printing and managing manual, paper based plans.

For more information see www.iplanit.org.uk.

Posted by Richard Lamplough at the SEEN

Careertrain have sent the SEEN information about the Groupwork Toolkit we are happy to post it up. This new resource builds on the strengths of the One to One Toolkit recommended by Michelle Town at the bottom of this page.

The Groupwork Toolkit is now available. Written by the same authors as the One to One Toolkit, the new Groupwork Toolkit makes group work easy for advisers, by explaining how transfer the skills they already have. 

“This book has been needed by practitioners for some time......it is going to be incredibly useful.”  Lesley Haughton, NICEC Fellow

The book explores:

Transferring your skills:  How a one to one adviser can also deliver brilliant groupwork

How People Learn:  Explains the different ways people learn so you can adapt your style and methods to meet the needs of each group

Planning the Session:  A step by step model for producing a session plan, practical tips and activities to include 

Managing the Group:  Keeping the group involved and interested and how to handle difficult situations.

“A brilliant book...the examples and pictures help to make it readable.”  Shazia Bharuchi

"A bible for all IAG advisors. It is presented in a straightforward interesting way that holds your attention and makes things extremely clear. Highly recommended.”  Emma Shipman

Click here to read more about the One to One Toolkit

To buy by purchase order, buy in bulk, if you need an invoice, or have any other purchasing queries contact Careertrain or phone 01733 865085.

To order individual copies for both the One to One and Groupwork Toolkits, and to pay online, click this link.

Posted by Richard Lamplough at the SEEN

TAEN, in association with the Department for Work and Pensions and the European Social Fund, has released a prototype of 50+ Works, an online good practice guide for welfare to work providers supporting 50+ jobseekers.

The material in 50+ Works has been provided by practitioners working at the frontline and is based on research on what was needed and what was already known.

The guide provides information on:
Jobseeker characteristics
Confidence and motivation
The customer journey
Finding work
Training and skills
Networking and referrals
Engaging with employers
Adviser /trainer skills
Age and the law
Useful links

It offers ideas, tips, case studies, and guidance on good practice, useful links and other background information.

Work on the Guide is continuing and TAEN would welcome comments from those who are involved in welfare to work and hope they will share their know-how and experience. Please email comments about the prototype to them by clicking here.

The prototype is available by using this link.

Posted by David Cain at Paritas, West Sussex

The Legal Services Commission which runs legal aid in the UK, has launched a website giving free legal advice to people in the UK.

It seems to be a very user-friendly resource to check benefit levels, money matters when our clients move into work and other issues. The website can be visited by clicking here.

Posted by Richard Lamplough at THE SEEN

The British Association of Supported Employment have published guidance on obtaining consent for photographs and video footage of our service users. You might be asked to take or commission photographs or video films which are subsequently broadcast, used in print, on the Internet or in presentations.

The attachment is intended to provide advice on the permissions and consents required when recording and using images (photographic and video) of people. It can be downloaded by clicking here.

Posted by Vincent O'Connell at Surrey County Council

WISEMOVE sets out to create, develop and share materials for use across Europe by those who support people with learning disabilities in work.

WISEMOVE is a project supported by the European Union under its Leonardo da Vinci programme and is led by Surrey County Council. It includes partners from Belgium, Finland, Italy, Spain and Sweden as well as the UK. A key aim is to put in place, for the first time, a recognised and “accreditable” training and learning structure for a particular target group called “Informal Job Coaches”. These could be employment support specialists but also mentors, family, friends, and other people within the community. This resource is completely free.

You can download one of the learning units by clicking here.

If you like what you see, and want the complete set of units, with access to a large selection of accessible drawings and photos suitable for people with learning disabilities please fill in this form. (which also gives full details of the project) and email it to: Vincent O'Connell.

Posted by Michael Lyden at Niace

The Really Useful Book of Learning and Earning 2010

Published by Niace: http://www.niace.org.uk

Email: Michael by clicking here

Here is what Michael says about the book.

We are delighted to announce that we have copies of The Really Useful Book of Learning and Earning 2010 available to Order. We are taking orders now and will print the books and send them to you in December 2009.

The books are available as a pack of 5 for £12.50 or a box of 50 for £100. If you want more than 1,000 copies then please get in touch with me on 0116 285 9701 or by using the email link above to discuss discounts on bulk orders. You can place your order today by calling 0870 600 2400 or order online by using the link at the top of this bulletin.

In previous years this book was available to you for free because it was paid for by external funders. Unfortunately, this external funding is no longer available and so we've decided to print it ourselves and make it available to you at a price that covers our costs.

A PDF giving more details can be downloaded by clicking here.

Michelle Town from Paritas recommends this book:

The One to One Toolkit

Published by CareerTrain: http://www.careertrain.net

Email: info@careertrain.net

Here is what the publishers of the book say about it:

The One to One Toolkit aims to meet the needs of people employed in the field of advice and guidance in a practical, user friendly way. It was written in response to cries for help from those wanting to improve their practice but finding a dearth of accessible books.

Part One takes you, step by step, through a tried and trusted model for giving advice, including highlighting dangers and difficulties in a “how to” manner.

Part Two provides a more in depth model, focusing on guidance, in a similar style, explaining how to help your client in a professional, empathic manner when their needs are more complex.

Part Three is The Toolkit – a collection of bite sized theories, tips, exercises and strategies that can be used with clients in a one to one setting. Even if you have a wealth of experience, you will find fresh approaches, and be reminded of tried and trusted ones, here.

The book is on sale for £14.99, and you can buy it by clicking this link.